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Best Man Speeches – Tips for Best Man Speeches

Posted by Daniel on May 24, 2011

Best Man Speeches Advice

You hate speeches, especially best man speeches.  So a friend of yours is getting married and he, out of the blue, asks you to be his best man.  You think, “Wow, it is such an honor.”  But, you think of the other consequences.  The best man speeches that have to be prepared.  And not only do you suck at speeches, nonetheless best man speeches, but you dread public speaking.

Hold on.  Relax.  Best man speeches are typically not formal speeches.  It’s a very flexible thing especially because the wedding’s over and the party begins!  Best man speeches are probably the most fun part of a wedding (besides the wedding itself, of course).  It’s usually supposed to be entertaining and funny.  So, don’t be overly formal and just be yourself.  Let me give you some tips to write an awesome best man speech.

Best Man Speeches Tip #1: Relax

Typically there will be a large crowd, and there will be a lot of pressure on you.  Best man speeches are usually the ones that the bride and groom will remember for a long time.  But, when you are giving this toast, it is one of the most joyful occasions of the wedding.  The environment is very friendly and everyone is having a fun time.  So relax.  And if you are still very nervous and have tried everything to be calm, just have a few drinks to relax the heart.  But DO NOT get drunk.  Just drink enough to help you relax a bit.

Best Man Speeches Tip #2: Short and simple

You’re not writing Shakespeare here, nor does the audience want a two hour lecture either.  Be concise.  You don’t want to keep going and blabbering about this and that, because this day is not about you, it’s about the groom.  Best man speeches have a lot a jokes in them, but don’t just give a one-liner and just say cheers.  You should aim for a 3-7 minute limit time line.  Anything over that gets dull pretty quickly.

Best Man Speeches Tip #3: Show your Personality

Be yourself, INTRODUCE yourself, and keep it personal.  You were chosen by the groom for best man speeches because you mean something to him.  So don’t try to impress everyone by being someone you are not.  The groom chose you because you’re you!  Also, it’s highly unlikely that everyone knows you so introduce yourself to everyone and tell them how you met the groom and bride and how your relationship with them are.

Best Man Speeches Tip #4: Story Telling

Some best man speeches typically have some sort of story embedded in them.  You can go for a funny story or a warm story that makes the crowd go “awww.”  Everyone loves a story and it keeps them entertained and most importantly engaged, because they want to hear the rest of the story and hear the ending.  If you have absolutely no ideas on a story for best man speeches, then ask around families or friends for some ideas.

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Best Man Speeches Tip #5: Honor the Groom and Bride

Sell the Groom.  Yes, pretend that you are a salesman and really just compliment your buddy on how a good person he is and how he’ll make an awesome husband.  Talk about this loyalty, good points, cons, and just sell him to the bride and the bride’s family and friends.  Make sure you compliment the bride as well and how lucky the two of them are for having each other.  Just remember that this a day that your best friend’s going to remember forever and no one’s going to blame you if you get a little emotional.

Best Man Speeches Tip #6: Thank Everyone

Thank the guests, parents, host, and the friends for making the wedding what it is.  Show your appreciation to the parents on having a new member to the family and to the friends for making it for your buddy’s wedding.  And also, usually at the end of best man speeches, you should thank the audience for listening as well.

Best Man Speeches Tip #7: Finally, Toast!

The most part of best man speeches is probably when you propose the toast.  In fact, it is often called the best man’s toast instead of the best man’s speech.  Just simply wish the couple a happy life and just speak from your heart.  You can say something that’ll warm the couple up, or you could use a quote or a poem.  When you are done, offer a toast to the wonderful newlyweds and a start of a wonderful life together!

Best Man Speeches Don’t Do’s:

-Do not get drunk before your speech.  It’ll humiliate not only yourself, but the groom who invited you to be his best man.

-Do not use dirty jokes or discriminating jokes in your best man speech.  The crowd might be offensive against these kinds of jokes.

-Do not bring up ex-girlfriends, ex-wives, or any ex’s.  It’ll embarrass the groom and embarrass the family members as well.

These are just a few tips on delivering on GREAT best man speech.  However, this is just the tip of the iceberg.  To get a full description of writing a WONDERFUL speech and actual templates you can use to write an amazing speech in just 7 minutes, make sure to visit here:  Click here to visit Official best man speeches website

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